Greek Chapter of Ohara School of Ikebana, Japan.

Helen Petracopoulos undertook the Presidency of the Ohara Greek Chapter . In 1992, Helen Petracopoulos moved permanently to Switzerland and the Presidency of the Greek Chapter was undertaken by:

1992 – 2001:
Joanna Charitou-Barczyk
2001 – November 2010:
Charoula Papadopoulou
December 2010 – April 2011:
Joanna Christodoulou
May 2011:
Joanna Charitou-Barczyk

From 1983 till now, the enthusiastic members of the Greek Chapter made known the japanese traditional art Ikebana Ohara in our country by organizing lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations in Athens and other towns of Greece: Chalkis, Heraklion, Kinetta, Livadia, Nafplion, Nea Kios, Neapolis,Thessaloniki,Volos. Ikebana seminars directed by Japanese and European Masters of Ohara School were also organized in Athens for the members of the Greek Chapter.

For the period of 2005 – 2009, Greece was elected hosting country of the “European Ohara Teachers Association (E.O.T.A.) ” with Joanna Charitou-Barczyk, President of “E.O.T.A.- Greece”. The Board of “E.O.T.A.- Greece” ”was composed by members of the Ohara Greek Chapter.

“E.O.T.A.” transfers its seat every four years to a different country. Main goal of “E.O.T.A.” is to offer to the European Masters of Ohara School further and high standard education in Europe by Japanese Masters of Ohara School of Japan.